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Custom Tool & Gage Inc

Reducing Production Downtime with Quality and Accuracy


Custom Tool & Gage, INC

Founded in 1968,  Custom Cam & Tool Co. began designing and manufacturing precision cams for the screw machine industry. As our reputation for quality and improved cycle-times spread, our customers began to request more products and services.  In 1995, we changed our name to Custom Tool & Gage Inc., to more accurately identify the core products and services that we provide.

Although we continue to market our Patented Custom-Burr de-burring machine, our primary focus is to provide tool and gage solutions for the manufacturing industry.  We also create and manage special purchase arrangements for long term job runs, designed to make sure you have the tools needed to keep your machines running.

Our inside and outside sales staff provide excellent resources to satisfy the most demanding of applications.  The machines and methods may change, but our commitment to accuracy, quality and precision will not.  We know how to get the job done right. 

Custom Tool & Gage Inc is a Women-Owned Small Business, distributing Tools and Gages for the manufacturing industry. Registered with the SBA on the (WOSBPR)


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Custom Tool & Gage Inc

5775 Canal Rd, Cleveland, OH 44125, US