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Custom Tool & Gage Inc

Reducing Production Downtime with Quality and Accuracy


Gage Calibration-

We can send your Working Plug and Ring Gages out for Inspection and Certification.

Gages failing the inspection process are eligible for the HEMCO Gage Saver™ program, where the gage is brought back to the original specifications, and returned with Long Form Certification.

*Special Ring Gages should be sent with their Special Setting Plugs whenever possible.

Optical Comparator Service-

Optical Comparators serviced and calibrated on-site by Platco-OMS and billed through Custom Tool and Gage, Inc.

Surface Plate Certification-

Surface Plates are inspected and certified on-site by Platco-OMS and billed through Custom Tool & Gage, Inc.

Special Tooling Per Print-

We have several sources for the creation of custom tooling including:  Solid Carbide and HSS Round Tools, Shave Tools, Form Tools, Index-able Form and Shave Tooling, Coolant-Fed Carbide Reamers, Index-able Carbide inserts, and much more!

We can also sharpen and re-apply special coatings to your existing tooling.

Special Application Gages-

We can help with the design and manufacture of special gages to fit your unique requirements!

Feel free to contact us to discuss your current or future applications.

Brown & Sharpe Screw Machine Parts-

We stock hundreds of wear-parts for B&S machines, with access to thousands more!

Contact us with your machine model and serial number, and the parts you would like to have us quote.