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Custom Tool & Gage Inc

Reducing Production Downtime with Quality and Accuracy

Metrology Products


  • Thread & Cylindrical Gages


  • Stainless Steel spherical balls


  • Barcor Countersink gage, with over 84 sizes

Broach Masters

  • Gear and Spline Broaches, Special form broaches 

Browne & Sharpe

  • Numerous types of software for on machine tool inspections, laser trackers and white light trackers

Carbide Probes

  • CMM Styli
  • Contact points for LVDT, Linear, Digital, and Dial Indicators

CDI Torque Products

  • Torque testing and calibration equipment  

Chicago Dial Indicator

  • Dial Indicators, contact points, depth bases, thickness gages and granite stands


  • Plug gages, pin gages, thread wire gages. and gear wire gages

Dyer Gage

  • Custom and stock production gages for Bores, Grooves, Min-Wall, Thickness, and special applications

Endurance Carbide

  • Carbide Gaging and special tools

Flexbar Machine

  • Wide arrange of gages including:
    • Electronic thickness gages, bore gages, groove gages, countersink gages and more


  • Micrometers, Calipers, Depth gages and tool sets

Gage Assembly

  • Custom Thread gage manufactorer

George Products

  • Metal Fabrication including: CMM, CNC, Auto CAD/CAM

Glastonbury/Southern Gage

  • Pipe thread and API gages, thread plugs, taper gages, and plug gages

Hemco Gage

  • Gages of all sorts including:
    • Cylindrical, Thread, Special, Variable and Ekonogage pin gages 

Hexagon Metrology

  • Coordinate measuring machines, portable measuring arms, 3D laser scanners, laser track systems and robotics & automation
  • All forms of gages including:
    • Linear, height, depth. calipers and more


  • Calipher, depth, height, micrometer, and bore gages


  • Thread gages, plug gages, and ring gages 

Meyer Gage

  • Custom length gages and pin gage sets


  • All forms of gages including:
    • Linear, height, depth. calipers and more


  • Inspection Systems

Reef Tool & Gage

  • Design and manufacturer precision electronic, automatic, and air gages


  • CMM probes, software and retrofits
  • Machine tools probes and software
  • Styli for touch probes

RL Schmitt

  • Ring, Ball, Plug, and Thread plug gages

Swiss Precision Instruments

  • We carry their full catalog


  • Gage blocks, surface plates, vision systems, optical systems and laser measurement systems  
  • All forms of gages including:
    • Linear, height, depth. calipers and more

Suburban Tool

  • Tool sets including gage pin and fly cutter sets


  • Workholding tooling components, gaging and inspecting


  • Calipers, external & internal micrometers 
  • Height gages along with dial gages

Thread Check

  • Thread gages and thread ring gages

Universal Punch

  • Concentricity gages

Van Keuren

  • Instruments, measuring wires
  • Plain cylindrical, threaded, taper, straight, and special gages 

Vermont Gage


  • Threaded and plain gages
  • Standard and Custom straight blanks

Vision Engineering

  • Non contact measurement systems, Stereo microscopes, and digital 3-D 

Western Gage

  • Air gages for internal and external diameter along with custom gages

Western Pegasus

  • Spline gages and spline related inspection gaging